About Us

Xtreme Theatre was created in 2000 by Wendy Holm, and was originally called “Home’s Cool Theatre”. Primarily run by volunteers, all families involved are needed to help make the shows happen each year. Our families volunteer with set building, props, costumes, advertising and programs during the year to most backstage jobs during showtime. We depend upon and appreciate all of our volunteers.10

Xtreme Theatre is a group where home schooled children are able to be part of a musical theatre production. Although children from all faith backgrounds are welcome to be a part of this group, it should be noted that this group is run by Christian teachers. We seek to put on shows of an excellent quality , and we encourage all the students to do, and be, the best they can, for God’s glory.

Wendy Holm has been the producer and coordinator since the beginning, starting with 18 children. Current enrollment is over 130 children between the ages of 5 and 17.

This group was created to provide an opportunity for all home schooled children to experience musical theatre and to help them meet their educational goals. Children who have been involved in this program have not only benefited educationally, but have made life long friends.

We believe that all home schooled children can be a part of a musical theatre production, provided they are willing to work hard at rehearsals.


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Stage Manager Linnea Key Nejad Board Members Annabel Pitsiaeli – Treasurer John Bradbury – Vice President Phil Dougan – Member at Large Suzy Haynes – Member at Large Johanna Reed – President Sophie Agbonkhese – Member at Large Andrea Sheridan – Registrar Production Managers (Responsible to organize volunteers and communicate with directors) MINIS – Sophie …

Policies and Expectations

Criminal Record Check It is the policy of Xtreme Theatre that all employees and volunteers who will be working with the children of families enrolled with Xtreme Theatre are required to have a valid and current Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file.  CRCs are valid for five years. Dress Code Children and teens should wear …


Linnea Key Nejad Musical Director and Choreographer-Juniors, Stage Manager-Seniors Linnea was originally involved as a student of Xtreme Theatre and has been teaching with Xtreme since 2008.  She has been performing for over 15 years and is trained in jazz, tap, musical theatre and voice.  In 2004, Linnea won the Ray McAuley Horizon Award for …

Where Are They Now?

Many people compare us to a family at Xtreme.  We want to put a “shout out” to our Alumni that went on to share their gifts of music, theatre, dance and the Arts in general.  We’re so proud of you and are happy to be your biggest fans! (in no apparent order) Aidan Pauls, Mark DiPrata, Perren …