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Policies and Expectations

Criminal Record Check

It is the policy of Xtreme Theatre that all employees and volunteers who will be working with the children of families enrolled with Xtreme Theatre are required to have a valid and current Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file.  CRCs are valid for five years.

Dress Code

Children and teens should wear comfortable clothing, as if they were in sports or an exercise class, such that they can fully participate in their theatre class. Please note that a dress code is in effect when participating in any Xtreme Theatre sponsored activity.  The following styles/garments are not acceptable: exposed underwear, exposed midriffs, spaghetti-strap shirts, offensive images or words As the year progresses, students should also be attentive to rehearsal dress requirements, when the teachers begin to specify them (eg: “Now start wearing rehearsal skirts” or “start wearing your performance shoes”.)

Student Pick-up

All junior students must wait inside the classroom to be picked up.  We are responsible for your children and for safety reasons, we cannot allow the children to wait outside in the front of the school or by the road for pick-up. Students must be picked up by a parent or another authorized adult.

Intake Policy

Xtreme Theatre provides musical theatre experience to homeschooling kids and teens.  Over the years, as our students have matured, some have felt the need to augment their home studies with a class or two at an academic institution of their choice.  In recognition that they are still primarily homeschoolers we have defined high school homeschoolers as follows (for the purposes of enrolment in our group):

Those students not in high school will be considered a homeschooler if they are “registered” or “enrolled” with a distributed learning school.  This also assumes that most of their schooling is done at home and the student can fulfill his/her obligations of coming to all rehearsals, both planned and extra.

A high school student is considered to be a homeschooler for the purposes of enrolment in Xtreme Theatre if he/she takes no more than one year-long academic course at an educational institution outside of the home, or no more than two half-year courses at a semester-based institution. This is always assuming that the student can fulfil his/her obligations of coming to all rehearsals, both planned and extra.

This is our “rule of thumb” and is our policy.  However, there have been times when the needs of a given year’s choice of show have called on us to extend an invitation to a youth who hasn’t fit specifically into these parameters. These decisions have been based on the perceived benefit to the group as a whole.  Feel free to talk to Wendy Holm if you have a request for an exception to our intake policy.

Volunteer Requirements

Our theatre group is a co-op in the sense that the parents put in many volunteer hours in order to keep our monthly tuition fees to a reasonable level (roughly half of what is being charged in other similar community venues.)

Please consider seriously your ability to be a part of this group if neither you nor a substitute adult that you provide us is capable of committing to a substantial volunteer job.  Any parent that does not “carry their weight” as a volunteer is essentially making other parents have to work more because, after all, “the show must go on”!  It is not easy for any of us to take on extra work since every one of us is a homeschooling parent with myriad responsibilities.  A hardworking, cooperative spirit is hugely appreciated by one and all!


Each family, without exception, is responsible for two jobs.  The first are jobs that have to be done throughout the year, before production time.   You can expect to contribute a minimum of 12-15 hours of volunteer time towards this job.  This is a minimum, as some parents will contribute many many more hours than that.  We are working towards a more even distribution of the workload.  As such, your hours of volunteer time (either self-reported or in a group work setting) will be tracked by your volunteer coordinator.  Any families not meeting their minimum requirement will have to forfeit their $150 volunteer commitment cheque.

Then, as we near the time when we go into the theatre, another schedule will be made up, giving us each our jobs during the whole week of performances.  It is very important that you attempt to be as available as possible during the week of rehearsals as The ACT leading up to and including show time!  Please try to minimize other activities during this week.

Theatre Expectations

Xtreme Theatre Expectations Xtreme Theatre has become very different from the home schooling cooperative out of which it grew. As a theatre group it is run fairly strictly. In addition, parental involvement is crucial to a successful production. Parents and children need to understand the expectations that will be placed upon them. Please read the following and discuss with your children. If you have any concerns or comments, please feel free to contact Wendy Holm or any other board member. Please sign a copy of this document and turn in with your waiver forms on the first day of class.

Who we are:

 We are primarily a theatre group.

 We are run by a board of parents who make all theatre-related decisions.

 Parent volunteering is mandatory. Lots of time is required of theatre parents, especially in the weeks leading up to and including our production.

 Parents must be willing to work with their children to learn lines.

 The age range in the theatre group is quite broad; therefore, children are required to keep their language and topic of conversation appropriate for all ages (ie. no speaking of mature subjects, movies, etc.) Bad language and/or inappropriate talk will not be tolerated.


 Roles are not guaranteed. Children who had a leading or speaking role in previous productions are not guaranteed a similar role in future productions.

 All casting decisions are made by our directors. Please prepare your child to be happy with whatever role is assigned and do not push your child excessively towards a certain role.


Putting on a show takes a lot of team work. The children depend on their fellow cast members during rehearsals. Therefore the following expectations are very important.

 Attendance and promptness at all rehearsals is mandatory.

 Tardiness in picking up children cannot be tolerated. We understand there are exceptions, however, parents who are perpetually late picking up their children will be asked to withdraw their children from Xtreme Theatre.

 When children are absent it disrupts the rehearsal time. You must contact Wendy regarding both planned absences (ie. family vacation) as well as if your child is sick the day of rehearsal.

 Attendance at extra rehearsals prior to performance is mandatory. You must be prepared to cancel other activities (music lessons, sports, other classes) in the week prior to and the week of performances. Children who do not attend rehearsals will lose their lines.

 You may not use Xtreme Theatre as a form of discipline (i.e. withholding attendance due to your child’s inappropriate behaviour during the week.) This is not fair to our directors or to other students.

 Theatre rehearsals are not normally open to parents. Special requests made to Wendy Holm will be considered.

 Alumni or friends who would like to visit a theatre rehearsal must receive prior permission from Wendy Holm and will be treated on a first come/ first served basis. A maximum of two guests will be allowed at any given rehearsal.

 Children who have not participated in a theatre group before should be aware that much time is spent waiting and watching others rehearse. Children must be prepared to remain quiet and orderly during these waiting times.

 Disruptive students may be asked to have a parent monitor their child at rehearsals and/or withdraw from Xtreme Theatre.


 Due to the nature of the theatre group, you must commit financially to the group for the entire year. Should your child withdraw in the middle of the year, we would be unable to fill their spot and would therefore require you to honour your financial commitment to the group.  Providing and paying for the required costume(s) is the responsibility of the parents. This year the costume fee is included in the tuition. There will be some additional items that the families are responsible to provide.


 Any theatre class-related queries must be made to Wendy Holm, coordinator, who will then pass on concerns to the directors of the show. Concerns may also be voiced to one of the board members. (See “Contacts” section in this handbook)

 Parents are expected to watch for Xtreme Theatre notices on a frequent basis throughout each week.

 Children and parents who do not follow these expectations may lose their parts or their right to participate in the theatre group.

 Each parent and student is expected to agree to and sign a copy of these expectations each Fall.