Completing the NEW STUDENTS Pre-Registration form will put your child on a first-come-first-served list for the available spots for the 2018/2019 Theatre year.

NEW STUDENTS are any students who are not currently enrolled and performing in this year’s  production.”  We hope to have all positions filled by mid-May.  

STEP 1 – PRE-REGISTRATION – All new students must pre-register in order to be placed on the Registration position list (waiting list).  Please complete all the information on the form.  Missing information may cause your position to be forfeited.  **PLEASE DO NO USE YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNTS WHEN REGISTERING.  UNFORTUNATELY, THEY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED.   We apologize for the inconvenience.  **

STEP 2 – AVAILABLE POSITIONS – You will be notified if there is a position for your pre-registered child.  You will be given a deadline to respond and accept the position.  We hope to have all positions filled by the mid-May.

STEP 3 – REGISTRATION – Completed registration form, registration fee and tuition deposit must be received prior to auditioning for roles.  (Please note that there is no need to audition to be a part of Xtreme Theatre.  Auditions are to help the directors cast the show.)  

STEP 4 – Once positions are filled, all remaining children will stay on a wait list until the end of September in the event that a student must drop out of Xtreme Theatre.   You will be notified if a position becomes available before October 1.  The wait list will NOT be kept for the following year – you must pre-register each January/February for the following year.

Important note for Juniors and Minis:  It is very important that the students be available for either the morning or the afternoon class.  After the auditions are complete, the children will be assigned a class time.  Children in the same family will be cast for the same class time.  If there are younger siblings signed up for the Minis class, they will be assigned the class time corresponding with their older sibling’s time.

Pre-registration will be open on Saturday February 10, 2018 at 9:00 am.

 (Please note that website traffic may cause computer issues.  Should you have any difficulty registering, please try again a few minutes later.)   You will see this message once you have pressed send: “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.”  You will also receive a copy of the pre-registration at the email address that you have used below.  This will let you know that it went through.  Should you not receive a confirmation, please check your junk mail folder and add us to your contact list.

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